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A beginners guide to indoor bowling

by MARTIN CURTIS 10 Mar 2023

If you are thinking of taking up bowls for the first time, you will come across various accessories that you won't be entirely familiar with. This article goes right back to basics and gives a brief rundown of bowls and some of the most popular indoor bowls accessories - what they are and what they are used for - so you know what to expect. Bowls is played all year round: outdoors in the summer, and indoors in the winter, and the same rules apply.

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Read on to find Bowls World's guide to ten of the most commonly used indoor bowls accessories. If you are a beginner, however, main essentials are bowls and shoes (although you might be able to try out a few bowls at the club when you start).

Bowls - With all the different makes, models, colours and sizes of bowls, there are hundreds to choose from (Bowls World sells over 800). What is important to remember is that bowls are not completely round - they are designed to travel with a curve ("the bias") which adds to the challenge. The bias will vary according to the bowl and the manufacturer, but there are essentially two types: narrow or large bias.

The Jack - This is the name given to the small white ball on the green. Players take it in turns to bowl and the aim of the game is to get your ball (the"bowl") as close to the Jack as possible.

Bowls Bags - These are used as an easy way to transport your bowls to and from the club and you can choose from a wide range of designs including over the shoulder bags and trolley bags. Some of the larger bags have room to store clothing, shoes and additional bowls accessories.

Grip Polish - Gripping agents and wax polishes are spread on to the bowls by hand to clean them, and to give you a better grip. There are all sorts of grip polishes available and although most are also suitable for indoor bowls, some are specially manufactured for playing lawn bowls in all weather conditions, including in the wet.

Bowls Towels - These handy indoor bowls accessories are vital for polishing and cleaning bowls. It is also possible to buy dual purpose towels, which can be used dry for polishing the bowls (to remove any dirt or dust in indoor bowls), or you can dampen them to maintain your grip on the bowl. Towels are easily portable and can be slipped on a trouser loop or stored inside your bowls bag, depending on which design you choose.

Bowls Gatherers - This is an easy way to collect bowls on an indoor green. The Drakes Pride version has a hoop design (with a handle) and runs on three rollers so it can be smoothly transported across the playing surface. The balls are collected in the hoop, which has a soft plastic exterior so it doesn't damage the bowls.

Bowl and Jack Lifter - This simple device is used to lift the bowl and Jack so you don't have to bend down on the green to pick them up manually. It folds up so it can be easily slipped into your bowls bag, and is ideal for players with back problems.

Score Card Holder - These are an essential to help you keep track of your score and are available in a variety of colours through Bowls World. Available in either leather or plastic, they can be used to keep several score cards at a time and they make ideal Christmas or birthday gifts.

Spray Chalk - This is used to mark "touchers" (a bowl which moves the Jack) without damaging the surface of the carpet as it just brushes off after use. The benefit of using a spray, rather than chalk stick, is that you can make a mark without touching or moving the bowl.

Measurers - Measurers are used to determine which of several bowls is closest to the Jack, as it is often difficult to tell by eye. There are several different types for accuracy, including calipers, measuring tape, wedges, pegs and cords.

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