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Why take up the sport of bowls ?

by MARTIN CURTIS 10 Mar 2023

If you are looking for a new interest or hobby, have you thought of bowls? At ibowl, we are leading suppliers of bowls accessories, clothing and equipment in the UK and abroad. Here we look at five key reasons to take up the sport.

There’s a Club Near You

One of the beauties of bowls is that there are so many clubs in the UK and abroad, so you should be able to find one reasonably close to home. In Scotland, for instance, there are 900 clubs, with 25 in the city of Glasgow alone, while England boasts more than 2,000.

The sport is also popular across the globe, and more than 50 countries are affiliated to World Bowls, the international organisation which administers the game.

There’s a Version Which is Right for You

This is a sport which anyone can play, to all ages and abilities. Many clubs have junior memberships as well as men’s and women’s sections, and the sport is also accessible to people with disabilities. Versions for disabled players have been included in the Paralympics and the Commonwealth Games, and blind or partially-sighted people can take part as well, with the help of sighted people or ‘markers’.

It’s Good for Your Physical Health…

The sport improves your fitness, hand-eye coordination and, in the case of lawn and crown green bowls, gives you plenty of opportunities to enjoy the fresh air too. Studies have shown that people can walk as far as three miles during a game, while your arms and legs are both given a workout when you deliver your bowl.

…and Your Mental Health Too

Playing the sport, however competitively, provides a lot of psychological benefits too. It combats feelings of loneliness and depression, particularly in older people, as it gives you a reason to get out of their house. It helps provide you with new friends, as most clubs have a social scene, and you don’t need to play as an individual either. Doubles, triples and fours are all well-established forms of the game.

Bowls also provides you with a focus and a structure to your life, particularly if you play as part of a team. And it can do wonders for your self-esteem, particularly if you draw the winning bowl, or produce the perfect shot at a critical moment in the game.

It’s a Simple Game

Although it does have a few complex rules, at heart bowls is a simple game. The objective of getting your bowl closer to the jack than your opponents’ is one which is easy to understand.

However, the game still presents plenty of challenges to keep you on your toes. Remember that, because of the bias, bowls don’t run in a straight line, and you also have to overcome your opponents, who will be out to make your life on the green as difficult as possible.


Whatever type of bowls you want to take up, ibowl is the place to come. We supply lawn, short mat, indoor, crown and carpet bowls equipment for all levels of play, including juniors.

We also have a wide range of bowls accessories and equipment for more experienced players in the UK and overseas. Leading brands such as Almark, Henselite, Drakes Pride and Taylor Bowls are all available from our online shop. To check out our current range of stock, simply follow this link.

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